You Weren’t Being #Paranoid: The Longer You Are #Unemployed, The Less Eager Employers Are To Hire You

It certainly feels like you are on some kind of ‘Do Not Hire List’. I like applying for the same reposted jobs that I am overqualified for and know the future boss wants me. The HR goons definitely ignore any resume in which you are not currently employed. I just wish they had the balls to be honest about it. They are clearly lying when they keep posting the same job.

Amusing, how many of these would convince everyone this epidemic exists.

     “Thank you for your interest in the position of Pharmacy Technician – (Oakland Center- Inpatient Pharmacy /Part Time-Variable) 40017855A. St. John Providence Health System believes that it is important to match the right individual with the right position, therefore applications are carefully considered. The selection of just one individual was challenging due to the number of qualified applicants who expressed interest in the position. However, we have selected an individual whom we feel will be the best match for this position. (Please note this letter applies only to the specific position as indicated above. If you have applied for more than one position within the St. John Providence Health System your application may still be reviewed for further consideration of another position.) Your profile has been saved in our database and you will automatically be informed by email of jobs matching your criteria, if you selected this option. New opportunities are posted every day. We wish you the best in your job search. Best regards, Talent Center – Worklife Services St. John Providence Health System (Replies to this message are undeliverable and will not reach Worklife Services. Please do not reply.)”

My ethics are being challenged because I find myself thinking a good business would be fake employment just to get a job. Basically pay someone to let you work for free just so you can say employed so that you can get a job. Just thinking… how can I get my foot in the door? Please comment if you have any idea’s.


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