A Distributed Denial of Service attack on Internet blacklist maintainer Spamhaus has topped 300 Gbps, powered by “open recursive resolvers,” which allow attackers to turn modest attacks into overwhelming floods of traffic.

A distributed denial-of-service attack using a technique known as DNS reflection has resulted in what many security experts are calling the largest DDoS attack to date, which generated traffic volumes of 300Gbps, or about three times larger than any known previous attacks.

The series of attacks, which have taken place since the third week of March, hit the anti-spam organization Spamhaus, whose blacklists are used by many companies to block traffic from questionable servers. Spamhaus’ services have angered spam distributors and their hosting providers and the attack is just the latest effort to protest and thwart Spamhaus’ work.

While Spamhaus has often come under DDoS attack, the latest onslaught has exceeded any past data flood, Adam Wosotowsky…

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