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Words that are frequently misused online


There are many misunderstood words and phrases that are frequently used out of context.  Although there are a myriad of proofreading tools available, there is no replacement for understanding what we are writing.  In a world full of tweets, statuses, and hashtags it is increasingly important to have a strong written communication skills.  Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

1.  Adding the letter ‘S’

The words afterward, toward, and anyway often acquire an unnecessary ‘S’ on the end.  Afterwards, towards, and anyways are incorrect.

2.  A, E, and I

Words that begin with similar sounding vowels are constantly confused. For example:

  • Affect/Effect
  • Illicit/Elicit
  • Accept/Except
  • Eminent/Imminent
  • Assure/ensure/insure

3.  Too many twos

To, too, and two are often mixed up.  Be sure you are using the correct one.

4.  Your and You’re

Although they sound the same…

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